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1. Initiated and co-sponsored a participation of a Mongolian artist D. Soyolmaa in Asia Week San Francisco in September 28-30,


2. Donation to Bay Area Mongolian Community Cultural Center, opened in early Spring 2017;

3. Co-sponsored the participation of a Mongolian political scientist M. Batchimeg in a conference at UC Berkeley in April.



In 2016 we have donated to the following organizaitons and for these events:


1. Lunar New Year Celebration, February 06, 2016 by Bay Area Mongolian Community Association. 


2. Annual math tournament, Ulaanbaatar.




We funded and donated to the following:


1. Travel expenses of 3 Mongolian academics from Ulaanbaatar to San Francisco to participate in the opening of Mongolia Initiative at the Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley


2. Donation to a Bay Area artist S. Turburam for his help in mounting of the exhibition "Visions from Afar: Bay Area Mongolian Artists"


3. New Year Children's event by Ger Youth Center, Oakland, Asian Cultural Center


4. An exhibition by Zazaa and Amaraa in Silk Road House, Berkeley.

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