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Call for 2022-2023 MF SCHOLARSHIP -- Please apply by January 20, 2023!

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In 2020, The Mongolia Foundation is excited to initiate a new scholarship program to support and promote academic research about Mongolian Buddhism and the agency of Mongolian scholars and religious leaders, sites, and institutions in the development and proliferation of Buddhism in Asia and beyond. To recognize and celebrate the work of Professor Vesna A. Wallace, this new fund will be named the Vesna A. Wallace Scholarship in the Study of Mongolian Buddhism. When launched in near future, this competitive opportunity will be open to emerging scholars of all backgrounds.


2020-2021 MF Scholarship Winners are selected! CONGRATULATIONS!

1. Misheel Battumur, undergrad senior, Economics, UCSC

2. Daigengna Duoer, Ph.D. student, Religious Studies, UCSB


Call for 2020-2021 MF Scholarships--Please apply by December 19, 2020!

2018-2019 MF Scholarship winners are selected!

2019-2020 MF Scholarship Winners are selected! CONGRATULATIONS!

1. Gankhuyag Purevdorj, undergrad senior, Chemical Engineering/Biochemistry, U of Michigan-Ann Arbor

2. Sodongoo Sodsuren, undegrad junior, Dramatic Arts/Printmaking, The New School, NYC

3. Sachraa Borjigin, Ph.D. Candidate, Civil Systems Engineering, U of Maryland College Park




The MF 2018-2019 Scholarship winners are:


B. Geser, Finance-French major, senior, class of 2019. University of Alaska, Anchorage;

K. Byeibitgul, Cultural Anthropology, 3rd-year Ph.D. student, Texas A&M University.




We heartily wish all our applicants success in their studies!




Upcoming Events

We will be soon posting our announcements for our annual Call for applications for 3 scholarships in 2018-2019. Stay tuned!



2017-2018 MF Scholarship winners are selected!

The MF received 21 applications for Scholarships of $1,000 in 2017-2108. We will continue to develop our Scholarship Program to continue our support of Mongolian students.


The MF 2017-2018 Scholarship winners are:


E. Erdenebaatar, Religious Studies, Ph.D. Candidate, UCSB;

O. Khashkhuu, Computer Science, senior, Illinois Institute of Technology.




We heartily wish all our applicants success in their studies!

Join us at Asia Week! MF is hosting a talk and demonstration of Mongolian calligraphy at 180 Doe on October 4th from 3-6PM. For more information, please visit Asia Week or The Institute of East Asian Studies.


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