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S.Tugs-Oyun "Fantasy of the Night." oil on canvas, 2002
S.Tugs-Oyun "Fantasy of the Night." oil on canvas, 2002

Publications and News in Mongolian Studies


Buddhism in Mongolian History, Culture, and Society 

Edited by Vesna A. Wallace



Buddhism in Mongolian History, Culture, and Society was achieved through a collaboration of our board members, Vesna A. Wallace, Uranchimeg Tsultem, and Matthew King; as well as other leading scholars in Mongolian studies. The collaborators explore the ways in which Buddhism was adapted and transformed to align with the Mongolian indigenous culture.


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Sinophobia: Anxiety, Violence, and the Making of Mongolian Identity

by Franck Bille



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The Lama Question: Violence, Sovereignty, Exception in Early Socialist Mongolia

by Christopher Kaplonski



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A Monastery in Time: The Making of Mongolian Buddhism

by Caroline Humphrey & Hurelbaatar Ujeed



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Tragic Spirits: Shamanism, Memory, and Gender in Contemporary Mongolia

by Manduhai Buyandelger



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Religious Bodies Politic: Rituals of Sovereignty in Buryat Buddhism

by Anya Bernstein



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